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Meet Duke and Summer :)


Duke and Summer are new members of our family.

They enjoy running around the yard and chasing each other.

Duke is growing bigger and his dark black curly fur is soft and

his goldish/red furnishings are coming out beautifully.

He is a gentle one. Loves to cool off with the hose and enjoy a drink and

a soak. He is learning to swim and doing a fine job of it.

Summer is just like summer, full of life and full of energy. She loves her

Duke and would be lost without him. A whine or a low bark tells you she

misses him deeply.

With the energy of summer she plays and notices the slightest object that

could be used as a toy or something to tease Duke with. She also enjoys all

her aunts and uncles. Although a pest is what she is best at.

Summer is also learning to swim but prefers to watch Duke tread the waters.


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