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Our Airedales are special because:
  • They are a member of our family

  • They are sweet but also smart and loyal

  • They are the best watch dogs out there

  • They are not as expensive as other purebreds but worth every penny!

  • They would be great for those in 4h or FFA.

  • They love to hike, camp, and run

  • They are great hunting dogs with the right training

  • Their descendants are war heros: Check out:

    Just a little about us: My husband grew up with an Airedale named Bruin. He was fun and the center of many family conversations and hilarious stories. So, when we got married we had to have an Airdale of our own. In 1988 we brought home our first "child" Al, a standard Airedale Terrier.

    Al went everywhere with us and when he was accidently hit by a car we were devastated. But, we soon needed to have another Airedale and we found our sweet escape artist Toni (Sr). He lived to the ripe ol' age of 15.

    Then in 2013 we bought 2 acres in Galt, California and adopted Toni (Jr) and sweet dear Elsa. We also added many other animals to our new little farm. We now have chickens, ducks, lizards, and snakes and our beautiful nigerian dwarf goats.


License # GNB32017-01538




Welcome to our small Animal Kingdom! 

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