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Twelve Aire Puppies...yiks!

August 4th was a very exciting day. We had, or I should say our dog had, 12 new puppies. Twelve, I couldn't believe it. I don't know who is more tired me or Elsa.

Elsa's a good mommy. Just gives Bear, our 5 pound Dorkie (Dachshund/Yorkie mix) a stare down if he comes to close to her babies. And the cats, well, she just ingnores them. And who puppies sound just like crying baby kittens. A little confusing for the cats to say the least.

Having so many puppies makes for long nights for Elsa's care taker though. I think I am up more than her at night and I even think I worry more. I worry, "Are they warm enough?" "Are they getting enough food?" "Is Elsa cleaning up their messes?" (No diapers uggg).

I am also new to supplementing puppies but with 12 I thought I should help out. Well, that brings new worries..."Are they getting enough?" "Are they getting too much?" "Did I squeeze the bottle too hard and squirt a waterfall of milk down the poor little guys throat?" "Why is he making that gruggling sound? Oh, no I say to myself. Did I kill it!" Yiks...human baby's are least there is only one...

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